allows much more than a static profile with pictures and text. We have gone the extra distance to allow our members the ability to upload a video profile. A picture says a lot, but a video says many degrees of magnitude more. By creating a video profile, you will enable girls to learn a lot more about you than could be said with a picture or though words. You will improve the visibility of your personal, by having a video profile, since members are much more likely to spend time watching a video profile than reading static text.

It is very easy to create a video personal. If you don't have a digital video cam, you may wish to get one, or if you have a friend that has one, they you can enlist her help, or borrow her camera for a few hours.

Effective Lesbian Personal Ads
Generality is important, however on your profile, it may be important to be specific. For example, you may love movies, music, and art. But it says a lot more about your personality when you describe the types of movies, music and art that you love. You may find out that it's easier to express your personality with your likes than it is for you to write about yourself.

Also, people by nature are very curious, and enjoy reading about the likes and passions of others. Do you like to play in fields? Do you have a dream of being the first woman president of the USA? Do you like science fiction? Tell us what you like, and see how many women your profile will attract.

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