is the fastest growing lesbian dating community on the Internet. With growth rates of over 550 new members a week, there must be something spectacular about our community. Furthermore, our membership base is very diverse with members from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

Our members are diverse not only in race and nationality but also in their specific levels along the lesbian spectrum. For instance, some members are femme while others are butch and many more are in between. A lot can be determined about her member from her pictures, bio and her username. For example a member may pick the username "ArmyGirl," one could probably assume from the username that she is probably not an extreme femme, and perhaps she is a butch.

Lesbian Personal Ads
There are many lesbian personal ads at as is to be expected, after all we do feature a growth rate of over 550 members a week. In order to make your profile unique and stand out from the rest, you may consider a few things.

Let's begin with your username. They say that the eyes are a window to the heart; in a similar manner your username is a window to your personality. Therefore you should be sure to make your username reflect something about your personality. If you love having fun and doing risky things like bungee jumping or surfing then you could make a screen name that says this. Your screen name is the first impression you will make with other girls, so make it count.

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