In the creation of your personal profile, you will have the ability to write a few words that will appear beside your photograph. These words are amongst the most important words that will be present within your profile. Take this chance to write something intelligent, funny, charming, or enlightening.

There are a large number of members who make very little use of this portion of space, by writing something general, such as "looking for that perfect girl." Even if this is your reason for using, you can be a bit more creative with this sentence. Many members will skip over your profile because of this general sentence, even though your profile may be much more interesting on the inside. So takes this opportunity to be more specific and interesting.

Intriguing Lesbian Personals
For example, a member wrote, " I've got 9 tattoos, and multiple piercings. I'm a soft butch looking for the same." These 2 sentences were specific and to the point. She said what she wanted, and was specific about it, she also said a lot about herself with little words. Another member stated that she was a "Sincere mom looking for romance, sweetness and love." This single sentence says that she is sincere, she is a mom, and from the wording, she is probably a good mom, and she probably will only be interested in people that like kids.

Also, it may be a good idea to include different photos in your profile, especially if you opt out on including a video message. Three photos would say a lot more about you than one could, unless all three of them were the same. Members will feel more comfortable with you by seeing more of you before they initiate contact.

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