If you are searching for lesbian dating advice, then you are in the right place. Be sure to check out the "Dear Madison" problem page by visiting the forum. You have the option of offering advice to other members who have posted a question, or you may post a question yourself. Our forum is one of the reasons why we are such a great community. We take pride in helping each other. Even if you do not wish to offer or receive advice, you may wish to read what Madison and other members have posted about relationships and dating.

A Forum of Lesbian Advice
Our "Dear Madison" advice page is built into a forum. What this means for you is that you can actively take part in the discussions occurring on this page. Humans by nature are individuals, and as such we share different opinions and beliefs. So it is very informative, and helpful to take part in a dialog to help someone make a correct decision. For example, if a member is seeking advice on her relationship with a married bisexual woman, our members may offer many varied advice, however, the discussion may enlighten the member seeking advice on a proper course of action.

Madison Bauer sought to create a community with the creation of CuriousLove.com, and her "Dear Madison" page does greatly in accomplishing this. Our members are quick to offer help and encouragement to each other. Whether it is a question about how to achieve an orgasm, or about being in the closet, genuine advice can be found on our "Dear Madison" page.

A bi-curious girl wrote that she is interesting in dating women, but that she is not knowledgeable and does not know how to proceed. The questions within our forums vary; however, our members are quick to offer advice and encouragement through their collective knowledge and experience.

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