In the Quick Stats area of your home page, we display some important information, such as the number of girls that are currently online, and the number of your favorites that are online. This statistic area will be of great help in helping you determine what to do next. For example if your friends are online you may wish to say hi, or if there are an unusually high number of new members online, you may wish to check them out.

Your Favorite Lesbian Singles Online
Your ability to add a member as one of your favorite could be one of your best tools in meeting new people on Members are able to see when someone has marked them as a favorite, and you will generate interest and curiosity when you add a girl to your favorites list. Furthermore, a cute girl may even initiate first contact with you, simply because you added her to your favorite list.

Your favorite area also serves the purpose of being a bookmark. Once you have found a girl of interest you can simply add her to your favorite. You may choose to do this because it may be a bit difficult to locate her again by wading through different profiles. Ergo, adding her to your favorites serves the dual purpose of let her know that you find her interesting, while at the same time reminding you that you desire to get to know this girl a bit more.

Your favorites list may also serve alternate functions. It could provide you an easy way of keeping track of people you have contacted, and it could also serve as a "to-do list" (not as in girls I wish to do). You can add new girls to your list, and slowly or quickly go through your initial list to find that girl you are looking for.

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