houses the best lesbian chat rooms the internet has to offer. Therefore it is to be expected that many members will make our chat rooms an intricate part of their CuriousLove login sessions. Some members will head straight to the chat room after they have signed in, while others may check out their "Newest Matches."

Many members view the chat room as being an awesome place to relax and hang out after a long day of work, or school. There is nothing like sitting on your couch with a beer in hand, while you chat to your friends via webcam. Some girls will quickly visit the chat room to greet their friends and then visit other areas of the site, such as the forum.

Your CuriousLove Routine
Members develop their own routine over time. Some members decide to view the "Newest Members" section first, while some decide to view the "Newest Matches" first. The "Newest Matches" section will present you with girls within your area, while the "Newest Members" will present you with girls from all across the globe. Therefore if you are looking to find a local girlfriend, then the "Newest Matches" section may be a good first stop.

Members who like to read and write about sex, or their fantasies, may pick the forum as their first stop. The forum houses a lot of sexy writing, from Madison's Diary, to our Sex and Fantasies section, you are bound to find many hot subjects to write and read about. The forum not only has sexy topics but also serious topics such as the advice section, and therefore providing you with many important things to discuss.

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