is not just a plain old vanilla lesbian community; it is the fasted growing lesbian community in the entire world. We brandish a growth rate of over 550 members each and every week. We have members from countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The growth estimate provided is actually a bit conservative; you may even visit the home page to learn that 600 new members have joined in the current week. Be sure to visit the newest members list, you may have first dips on introducing a hot new member in your area to

A Global Community of Lesbians is a community made up entirely of girls, but not entirely of lesbians. Many members on our site are bisexuals and bi-curious women. A good number of our bi-curious members are younger ladies, and some of them are still in their teens. Some of them are interested in learning more about the Gay community and the feelings they hold, but may not be ready for a commitment with a woman. Some of these girls may learn that they are completely gay and wind up in a loving lesbian relationship, while others may learn that they are actually straight, and end up in a heterosexual commitment. Regardless of their ultimate choice, these members are welcomed all the same with a hug and a kiss.

You will be sure to find many hot members at that you find drop dead gorgeous. More importantly, depending on your purpose in using you will have the opportunity to meet that special girl you have been searching for. is a truly diverse community, and your time here will be well spent.

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