was started with the goal that it would become the best online lesbian dating service. To accomplish this goal, we strived to offer the best and coolest services to our members such as a discussion forum, an award winning chat room, games, etc. We also aimed to set the tone at our site to ensure that we attracted the coolest members.

Our success can be judged strictly by the numbers. is now the fastest growing lesbian dating community on the Internet! We believe that many women are attracted to because they like the fact that is a girls-only community. There is no need to stay at a mostly heterosexual dating site and be hassled by men, when you could be apart of an exclusive girls only community such as

The Advanced Online Lesbian Dating Service
People may refer to as an advanced online lesbian dating service, and in a way we are. was created with the idea that it would become successful and as such it would be necessary for our system to handle a large amount of users. Which is exactly how was created, and we are able to handle a lot of traffic without any worries.

Our site will remain stable regardless of how many new users join our community. We welcome all girls that have an interest in women to join our community. Furthermore, we strive to keep our membership base active, by continuously developing and launching new and exciting features. You can be sure that will never be a dull place, and will always be the best lesbian, bisexual, or bi-curious girls spot on the internet.

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