Make your personal profile an extension of yourself, by including a few pictures. You are not required to add pictures; however the fact is that profiles with no picture received much less traffic than those that have pictures. Even if you wish to keep your identity a secret you can still add pictures while retaining your identity.

All that is needed in the event that you wish to keep your true identity confidential is a little bit of creativity. For instance, you can add a photograph that only shows your body, or maybe a full picture not showing your eyes. Furthermore perhaps you would prefer to show a certain feature of your body, such as your butt, legs, hands, cleavage, or anything else that tickles your fancy. Perhaps you would like to add a picture of your pet. Just be sure to extend your personality through your pictures to convey yourself to your viewing audience.

Being Proud of Your Personal Ad
The majority of the women on have no problem including a photograph of themselves, and they often times take full advantage of this opportunity. Your profile allows you to show that you are confident and proud about whom you are. is a community where you are free to be yourself, and where you are expected to do just that, so show us who you really are.

You should also include a video message in your profile if you have a webcam. Video profiles are very popular and receive great response. A video has the ability to capture so much more than a picture. Members will enjoy viewing your video profile, and you will enjoy viewing the video profiles of other girls.

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