There is no doubt about it, our members are some of the funniest and sexiest women you will find anywhere on the Internet. You might think you are in heaven when you begin to browse the profiles of some of our members. A lesbian dating site as never been this much fun.

A completely pure Women only establishment
Members are allowed to attach three photographs to their profiles. Be sure to take this opportunity to convey different aspects of yourself, such as your humor, style etc. Some girls use their main profile picture to make a statement, and then they use the other two photos to show themselves in a more common setting.

For instance, one of our members posted a "Help Wanted" sign as her main profile photograph. This of course is pretty funny, however upon closer inspection of this photograph, something else is realized. This Help Wanted sign was actually made up of 12 smaller images of women in a variety of sexual positions.

Of course, whatever picture you post is up to you. If you are using as a way to create intimate encounters with girls in your neighborhood, then you may wish to include a sexy picture in your profile. does not allow full frontal nudity, however, many girls find creative ways to show a lot of skin without violating our policies. Just be sure to make your profile as attractive as you can, and you will have many girls initiating first contact with you.

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