is the worlds fastest growing lesbian, bi-curious, and bisexual community. Every month we welcome thousands of new women into the community. Our membership base is very diverse with members coming from places such as the US, UK, Australia, and Africa. Race and age add to our diversity, since we have members that are black, white, Asian, Spanish, in their 50s and in their teens. is truly a diverse community.

A Free Way to Meet Single Lesbian Women
Free is a beautiful word when it is applied to the releasing of bonds, and to the cost associated with something. Air of course is free, and everyone loves air(without the pollution). is as free as air, and we are proud to be able to offer our amazing site features to the lesbian community. A true community is one where equality presides, and by making our services free, we are able to provide everyone with equal access to our resources. is the best place to meet single lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women within your area. Sure lesbian bars are fun, and you can meet someone there, however you many not be able to visit a lesbian bar on a daily basis, and even if you could, you probably would not want to. After a while this task would lose its pleasure, and it may even seem like a burden, not to mention the cost that would be associated with this. on the other hand is completely free, and meeting new women here is hassle free. also provides a great way to avoid dating your friends. You may date within your group of lesbian friends because you are unable to find anyone else to date. However, as we all know, dating a friend could turn out sour in the event that the relationship ends bitterly. Your other friends may be forced to choose sides, and thus you may in effect split up your friends. Surely this is not something that you wish to happen, and will enable you to find many sexy and interesting women outside of your current circle for you to date.

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