has the best UK lesbian chat rooms on the Internet. We are widely known within the lesbian community for having the best chat rooms and the hottest girls of any Internet dating community. Our chat rooms are operated on award-winning software, and are remarkably stable no matter how many users and using them.

Furthermore our chat rooms are 100 percent free. Who could refuse top-notch features that are offered without charge? Clearly, our price is very enticing, since we are the fastest growing lesbian community on the Internet. On the note of UK lesbian dating, there is currently about 12 percent of our membership base that is from the UK. This may not sound like a lot, but keep in mind that grows at an astounding rate of over 550 new members a week. With time, we anticipate the UK members will hold a much higher percentage of our overall membership dispersion.

UK Video Chat
Our chat rooms offer many fantastic features. Amongst these features and the most popular is video chat. Our chat rooms are capable of sustaining simultaneous video chats with real time video and audio. For those women without a webcam, you will still be able to take part in the fun of video chat since you will still be allowed to view the webcams of members that have their webcams turned on.

Many members hang out in the chat room and when they hit it off with a girl, they invite the girl to a private one to one video chat. A private one to one video chat is the online equivalent of a real date, without the expense of food and transportation. One to one video chats are completely private, and so members can go all out in these sessions if they so desire.

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