is a very diverse community with members from all over the globe. Most of our members are from the US and the UK, however, our membership count in other countries is quickly growing. UK only chat rooms may be good, but you can bet that our chat rooms are ten times better. Having the ability to talk to not only UK girls but girls from all over the world is a blast.

More Than Just Chat is widely known for our amazing chat rooms, however we have a lot more to offer than our award winning chat rooms. is packed with great features. Just have a look around and you see all the great features that we offer.

A great section of our site is our "Dear Madison" advice section. This section of our site is located within our forum, and therefore allowing each member to share in the discussion. Members are invited to post problems or questions for which they need advice within the forum, and then Madison and the rest of the community will weigh in with their opinions on the matter.

There is something to be said about receiving opinions from multiple people. Firstly, generally more knowledge can be derived when many people are able to voice a viewpoint. In the same sense, the girl requesting help is generally able to draw a better conclusion when many members provide their opinion on the matter at hand. Secondly, members taking part in the discussion will also have the ability to learn from the advice they have given and the advice given by other members. The advice section ergo becomes a school of thought and wisdom.

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