is a global community, however it should be noted that we are also a great website for helping you to find local girls. UK lesbians will be able to meet girls from not only the UK, but from other countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia. We know that it is important for people to socialize on a global level; however, when it comes to finding a girlfriend you may desire to find one locally, and so is both a global dating community and a regional one.

Having the ability to meet girls from the UK, US, and other counties will prove very wonderful, especially if you are a student planning to study abroad or a business woman that travels a lot. How great would it be to be able to meet some sexy American girls to spend some time with on your business trip to America? Being able to have access to a service capable of allowing you to build strong friendships with people on the other side of the world should not be taken lightly; you may just win a vacation to a foreign country tomorrow and need a way to make friends!

Meeting Lesbians and Bi Girls in the UK
Once you have signed up for your free membership, you will be able to run a detailed or quick search to find local UK girls matching your search specifications. You can perform broad searches based on nothing but location, or you can refine your search to include things like sexuality. takes an active role in trying to help you find that special girl. We will post your newest matches on your home page so you will always have the ability to quickly invite local girls to the CuriousLove community. Your newest matches will be arranged with the newest members being listed at the top of the list. This list will make it very easy for you to flirt with members, and communicate.

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