is the success that it is today because of our amazing members, and as such, we appreciate their inputs. If you are a UK lesbian, or from the US, Canada, Australia, or any other country, be sure to stop by the forum and talk to us. Not only can you provide feedback about our community on the forum, but you can also share your fantasies and stories with everyone.

The forum is home to many great site features such as our "Dear Madison" problem page, and "Madison's Diary." Furthermore, we allow our members to come together and discuss their fantasies through our forum. is a very sexy community and our members have a lot of fun discussing sex.

UK Lesbians and Madison Bauer
Madison Bauer is a lesbian from the UK, and she is incredibly open about her most amazing adventures. Be sure to check our Madison's dairy if you have not done so yet, you will be sure to love it. Make sure you are in a comfortable environment when you read this diary, because it is very likely that you will be turned on while reading these great adventures.

There are many things occurring in the forum besides Madison's diary. For instance in the Fantasy Island section, members write about who they would most like to be trapped on a deserted island with. Of course, serious discussions also occur on the forum, in places such as the "Dear Madison" advice section. In the advice section members are encouraged to ask for advice and also to provide advice on problems posted by other members.

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