is a richly diverse dating community, with the majority of our members residing within the United States of America. Roughly speaking, about 70 percent of our membership base consists of Americans. Over time, we anticipate this percentage distribution to be lowered as more members from countries such as Australia, Canada and UK, join our community. However, the membership base within America will always make up a good portion of our overall community.

We are currently the fastest growing lesbian community on the Internet. Our members join for many reasons but a strong reason why many members become apart of our community is the cost. is as free as air, and we offer all the features you could ever hope for in a dating community. With you have nothing at stake, and many joys to gain.

The Coolest USA Lesbians
Our members are some of the cutest, funniest, and most intelligent girls you have ever met. By looking at a few profiles, you see how accurate this statement really is. Our community of awesome girls is truly unmatched.

Word or mouth advertisement is very popular at, so be sure to tell all your friends about us. As more and more girls become apart of our community the excitement level will continue to increase. What's better than having more girls in your area for you to date and hang out with? Finding your soul mate may just be a game of numbers, and the more girls that are on the more chances you will have to find that special girl.

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